2011 ForeSee Results Annual E-Business Report with the ACSI

Download the free annual ACSI E-Business report to learn more about trends in customer satisfaction with
e-business, which includes social media sites, search engines/portals, and news/information sites.
Highlights of the research include analysis on the following topics:

  • Social Media: Wikipedia (+1% to 78) takes the top spot, while YouTube (+1% to 74) comes in a distant second.

  • Portals and Search Engines: Google leads the search engine and portals category (up 4% to 83), but Bing follows closely, jumping an impressive 7% in one year to 82.

  • News and Information Sites: FoxNews.com (82) has a strong lead on the news and information category and is five points ahead of the next highest-scoring site, ABCNews.com (+3% to 77).

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