Satisfaction analysis can provide valuable insights and suggest effective actions to take. But how do you go beyond identifying the problem to really understanding how users interact with your website, mobile site, or mobile app? Traditional usability testing can take weeks to execute. There is a better way.

Imagine the ability to view an actual visitor’s website or mobile experience. Watch them organically navigate your pages and see when they actively engage with your site or app instead of prompting them in a controlled test environment. ForeSee’s SessionReplay makes that kind of on-demand usability testing possible.

The result? Eye-opening. SessionReplay visually drills into the experience to help you discern your users’ intentions, see their challenges, and provide evidence for what contributes to their satisfaction. It will help you take efficient action by:

Speeding Up Problem Identification.

It allows you to visualize the actual experience real users had on your website, mobile site, or mobile app within the context of satisfaction survey data to explain what they tried to accomplish and if it was successful from their perspective.

Quickly Enabling the Internal Acceptance of Issues by Those Responsible for Its Resolution.

All too often, we look at unsuccessful experiences and blame them on “user error.” Showing your colleagues the actual user experiences that document problems accelerates their acceptance.

Expediting Improvements to the User Experience.

After seeing the challenges that real users have, the path to the solution becomes quicker.

Validating User Experience Improvements.

Sharing replays of the user experience after implementing your improvements allows you to validate those investments’ impacts.

SessionReplay truly visualizes the user experience in a safe and secure environment that helps you ensure user privacy. Innovative replay technology fused with proven satisfaction analytics sparks more rapid customer experience improvement.

Analysis. Our advanced analytics portal allows you to drill into critical visitor segments. By isolating a small group of representative visitors by satisfaction level, custom question responses, verbatim comments, and particular pages visited you can more quickly identify relevant replays and set the context of the customer’s situation before you watch. Insights gathered in analysis before watching replays shortens the time it takes to resolve your issues.


Observation. SessionReplay shows you where your website or mobile visitors struggle (or succeed), recreating the visitor experience in the context of satisfaction. The dynamic, day-to-day access to this insight speeds up identification of problems and their resolution with significant bottom-line impact to your company