What distinguishes ForeSee’s approach to measuring the customer experience? It is the combination of scientifically measuring customer satisfaction - something intangible but critically important -  and its causal impact on customer behaviors that have financial implications.

ForeSee Satisfaction Analytics bring together superior technology, a proven research methodology, and accessible reporting tools and analysis.

Monitor the customer experience across a range of channels continuously for maximum impact. 

ForeSee processes customer experience data collected across various channels using our predictive satisfaction analytics engine. We deliver insights to you through a variety of reporting and self-directed analysis tools, scheduled reports, benchmarks, and expert analysis.

By coupling Web Satisfaction Analytics with innovative SessionReplay technology,
we show you your website visitors’ actual experiences.

See how aspects of the experience, such as navigation, forms completion, etc., drive satisfaction and critical behaviors. SessionReplay also provides insights using replays, heat mapping, and activity histograms to aid you in making improvements that increase satisfaction.

ForeSee’s family of products works together to analyze customer experience across multiple channels including web, mobile, contact centers, locations, and social media. This combined analysis enables companies to better understand customer behavior, target and prioritize improvements, and influence financial performance.

Learn more about our Satisfaction Analytics for each Channel.