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Innovating Analytics: Gaining a Competitive Advantage in a Customer-Driven World

Did you know that, when compared to a less-satisfied customer, a highly satisfied customer is 71% more likely to prefer your company over others – and 63% more likely to recommend it? A good customer experience is a critical driver of financial success, so it must be measured and managed in the right way.

In this recorded webinar from February, 2014, ForeSee's Randy Kish shows retailers how a comprehensive system of metrics can eliminate information silos and support confident, fiscally responsible decision-making in today’s complicated multichannel, multi-device world.

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E-Government Q3 2013 Citizen Satisfaction Results

Despite what current headlines are saying about the government, the digital arm of federal government is actually doing quite well from the citizens’ perspective. In fact, many federal agency, department, and organization websites are keeping pace with, and even outperforming, some of the best private sector websites such as Amazon, Google, and Apple in terms of customer satisfaction.

In this recorded webinar from December 5, 2013 Dave Lewan, Vice President of Public Sector at ForeSee, highlights key trends and insights regarding citizen satisfaction with federal government websites. He reviews which sites are leading ForeSee's Q3 2013 E-Government Satisfaction Index and explains how improving site elements can increase citizen satisfaction and key future behaviors such as the likelihood to return to a site and recommend it.

In addition, ForeSee Senior Director of Mobile Eric Feinberg offers helpful tips on how e-government leaders can continue their digital success by achieving mobile excellence for their agency or department using a mix of private and public sector examples.

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Seize the Opportunity: How to Compete on Customer Experience in the Digital Age

The digital age has put the consumer in control. They have stronger voices, better information, and lower switching costs than ever before. The difference between choosing you or your competition can be seconds.

What can you compete on when traditional differentiators–such as price, distribution, or product features–are no longer enough?

“Customer experience has emerged as the single most important aspect in achieving success for companies across all industries.”–Peppers and Rogers

“Only 26% of companies have a well-developed strategy in place for improving customer experience.”–Econsultancy

Research has shown that consumers choose companies with customer experiences that meet–or exceed–their expectations. But how do you discover what’s really important to your website visitors and implement a systematic method to advance the experience based on those insights?

In this webinar, John Lovett, a veteran industry analyst and digital measurement expert, offers strategies that can give you a competitive edge by combining customer experience data with observation of site visitors’ key digital interactions. He shares how leading customer-centric companies use this approach to drive customer-focused solutions that address their customer experience challenges.

You’ll Learn How to:
Establish a framework for identifying opportunities and accelerating problem resolution from customer experience data.

Shift from talk to action by building the business case for change and getting stakeholders onboard. Leverage the combined power of customer experience analytics and observation of critical site interactions to prioritize improvements and act on customer-centric priorities.

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