Thursday, May 12, 2011

8:00      Registration and Continental Breakfast

8:45      Opening Remarks 
             Speaker: Dave Lewan, Vice President, Public Markets and Sales Operations, ForeSee Results

9:00      Streamlining Service Delivery and Improving Customer Service
             An update regarding GSA’s efforts to support the recently released Executive Order to
             improve customer service and what it means to e-government managers. Index.
             Speaker: Sheila Campbell, Director, Center for Excellence in Digital Government,
             U.S. General Services Administration

9:15     The Promise of E-Government: Satisfaction, Trust and Transparency
             How increasing citizen satisfaction with e-government improves cost efficiency and quality;
             highlights of the Q1 2011 ACSI E-Government Satisfaction Index and Transparency Index.
             Speaker: Larry Freed, President and CEO, ForeSee Results

9:45      Characteristics of Top Performing Websites
             With scores above 80, these web managers’ sites rival the best in the private sector.
             Hear their stories about rising to the top and how they stay there.
             Panelists: Brian Dunbar, Internet Services Manager, NASA Office of Communications;
             R. Ann Abercrombie,Program Manager, National Women’s Health Information Center,
             U.S. Health and Human Services; Christine Sonnabend,
Project Manager, Marketing,
             United States Holocaust Museum; Sue King, Program Analyst, Social Security Administration;

             Moderator: Lee Pavach, Director of Marketing, ForeSee Results

10:25    Break: Demos of portal tools, SessionReplay technology, usability services, mobile

10:45    Track One: Diagnosis to Prescription: Continuous View of the User Experience
             Discover and share the causes of usability challenges with public sector sites using 
             replay technology.
             Speaker: Drew Bennett, Senior Director of Product and David Mitropoulos-Rundus,
Manager, ForeSee Results

             Track Two: Strategies for Improving Search*
             Search is a top-priority for many government and non-profit sites. Learn about new strategies,
             successes and challenges that web managers face as they strive to help site visitors find
             what they’re looking for.
             Speakers: Anne Henderson, Web Content Manager and Michael Rucki, IT Web Project
             Manager, Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC); Joel VanHaaften, Director
             of Client Services, ForeSee Results

             *Located in Ballroom A

11:25    Track One: Allocating Resources for the Greatest Impact
             Agencies and organizations share their strategies for leveraging citizen satisfaction analytics to
             guide resource allocation decisions to make improvements and gain support in their organization.
             Speakers: Brian Kavanagh,The World Bank; Tom Parisi, New Media Chief, Office of Communications,
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

             Track Two: Usability Best Practices*
             Learn about top usability violations public sector web managers face and ways to make these sites
             more user-friendly and effective.
             Speakers: David Mitropoulos-Rundus, Usability Services Manager and Lija Hogan, Usability Team
             Lead, ForeSee Results

             *Located in Ballroom A

12:00    Lunch

1:15      How Digital Government Is Transforming Healthcare
             HHS is moving aggressively to harness the power of data, technology, and innovation to improve
             the health and welfare of the nation. Todd will discuss his philosophy of fostering open government
             and facilitating access to information.
             Speaker: Todd Park, Chief Technology Officer, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

2:00      The Benefits of Continuous Satisfaction Measurement
             Web managers share their approach to measuring key audience segments and tracking seasonal
             variations and key initiatives through digital channel satisfaction measurement.
             Speakers:  Susan Fariss, Web Analytics Manager, American Chemical Society; Lisa Hahn,
             Managing Director, NavigationArts (

2:45      Break: Demos of portal tools, SessionReplay technology, usability services, mobile

3:15      Emerging Trends in E-Government
             This panel will explore the rise of mobile and social media in government, and key issues managers
             of these channels will need to address.
             Moderator: Andy Krzmarzick,Director of Community Engagement ,; Panelists:
             Gwynne Kostin, Director, Mobile, Office of Citizen Services & Innovative Technologies,
             U.S. General Services Administration; Aaron Smith, Senior Research Specialist, Pew Internet
             and American Life Project

4:00      Closing Remarks

4:15      Reception and Demos

5:00      Event Adjourns

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