ForeSee CX360 | Multichannel Customer Experience Platform

Welcome to the Age of the Super Consumer.

Today’s customers expect seamless experiences across channels. This means service consistency, pricing and promotional coherence, and the ability to easily accomplish tasks wherever and
whenever they choose.

To meet and exceed the ever-increasing expectations of today’s super consumers, business leaders
need to understand how an experience in one channel affects the experience in another and how these linkages impact future customer behaviors. Is your multichannel organization equipped with the
customer experience capabilities and technology needed to gain a 360-degree view of your
multichannel customers?

Evolve your customer experience analytics with the ForeSee cx360 multichannel customer experience platform.

Powered by precise voice-of-customer measurement, predictive analytics, and the ForeSee cx360 methodology, the ForeSee cx360 platform gives multichannel organizations:

ForeSee Multichannel Platform | Visibility and Communication

Gain visibility into all touch points of a multichannel customer experience in one place.

The ForeSee Executive Portal allows decision makers to monitor key performance metrics so they can make informed decisions and better allocate resources. With the Executive Portal, leaders can:

  • Combine multiple channels into one aggregate score to see how customer experience is driving business performance
  • Correlate ForeSee metrics with financial, operational, and other key performance indicators to see how customer experience impacts the entire organization
  • Create topical dashboards to view key metrics for specific customer segments throughout a journey, across channels, across brands, and more
  • Easily communicate customer experience issues to key stakeholders via customizable
    dashboard sharing

ForeSee Multichannel Platform | Intelligence

Shape plans to improve the multichannel customer experience with actionable insights.

ForeSee applies predictive analytics to voice-of-customer data to provide actionable insights that guide customer experience improvements. The ForeSee cx360 platform helps leaders:

  • Understand the impact one channel’s experience has on another
  • Determine your customers’ channel preferences and the primary channels they use
  • Pinpoint strengths and weaknesses across the customer journey
  • Determine key customer segments, and how their perception of the multichannel experience will shape their future behaviors

ForeSee Multichannel Platform | Benchmarks

See how your customer experience ranks against competitors.

ForeSee’s benchmarks provide context for channel-specific and multichannel customer experience performance, giving leaders:

  • Context for channel-specific customer experience performance to help you set your goals
  • Insight into typical performance differentials across channels and an understanding of performance differentials between channels
  • The ability to determine if you’re delivering a leading, lagging, or unbalanced multichannel experience
  • Access to over 150 industries and sub-categories for comprehensive performance comparison

Make better business decisions.

The ForeSee cx360 platform gives multichannel organizations the capabilities and technology needed to precisely measure, understand, and improve the customer experience across all touch points so leaders can optimize resource allocation and make better business decisions.


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