By Channel

Today’s consumer is a multi-channel consumer but traditional metrics have not kept up. Consumers now interact with many channels and have high expectations of the customer experience. One bad experience can erode loyalty, and it is easier than ever before to seek other sources of content, services, and products. Not only are there a growing number of choices, it does not take much effort to switch to another brand or company. Single channel metrics do not provide an analytical understanding of the multi-channel customer experience.

ForeSee Satisfaction Analytics precisely measure the customer experience with each channel while giving you dynamic insights about the multi-channel experience of your customers.

We deliver greater knowledge and understanding of what motivates consumers as they interact with your various channels. With our superior technology and expert analysts, you can measure the customer experience – from your customers’ perspectives - with precision. Our actionable insights help you effectively guide resource allocation to improve the customer experience.

Our proven methodology provides valuable context, which allows you to benchmark performance against the leading companies across every sector. Every good benchmark starts with accurate, precise, and reliable measurements. That is exactly what ForeSee provides.

ForeSee helps you answer the many critical questions to optimize your investments and maximize the return on your customer experience investments.Some are:

  • What are consumers’ preferences, expectations, and needs?

  • From consumers’ perspectives, is each channel meeting their needs and exceeding
    their expectations? How do they regard your customer experience performance?

  • What path do my customers take through the cross-channel customer experience?

  • What are the differences between various consumer segments and how is that affecting
    their customer experience?

  • Where should I focus my efforts and allocate my resources to improve the customer experience?

  • What should I expect from the return on my investments to improve the customer experience?
ForeSee Satisfaction Analytics provide a comprehensive customer experience measurement system that gauges success from customers’ and prospective customers’ perspectives.


Foresee Satisfaction Analytics for Web provide continuous, reliable, and precise measurement of the online experience. The web channel serves many different purposes and ForeSee Satisfaction Analytics measure every aspect of the web experience in support of your goals: multiple brands; user lifecycle stages (from browser to purchaser to fulfillment and more); key functions, such as support, search, checkout abandon, and many more. Learn more…


ForeSee Satisfaction Analytics for Mobile can measure your mobile website and mobile apps. Keep the pulse of customers as they interact with your mobile channels, which can service many different purposes. Although mobile is a relatively new channel for some organizations, every customer touchpoint poses opportunities for success and failure.  Learn more…

Social Media

Is your social presence having an impact? Is it meeting consumers’ needs?  What value is it really providing to your business, beyond the buzz, all the way to your bottom line? ForeSee helps you understand if your social media marketing is working and what you can do to make it better.
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Contact Centers

ForeSee continuously measures several contact touch points, including call centers, live chat, email, and self-service websites. The customer experience for each of these touch points can have a critical impact on the overall customer relationship. ForeSee Satisfaction Analyticsfor Contact Center measure these experiences down to the segment (products, services, complaints, etc.) and the individual representative levels.
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The physical connection in a store, branch, or other location plays a compelling role in setting the tone for the customer relationship, often completing the relationship in purchase, support, and promotion. ForeSee Satisfaction Analytics for Stores provide performance metrics down to the associate level, as well as insights from stores/branches all the way up to the corporate strategy level.
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Customer Relationships

What impact do channel-specific transactions have in shaping the customer relationship? ForeSee can measure the ongoing customer relationship in addition to the individual channels influencing it.
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